This is actually the title of a Korean phrasebook which talks about general Korean slang as well as “Curses and Insults” and “Lover’s Language.”

In American English, making out is common slang that (according to my personal definition) generally refers to two people doing more than casual kissing, but less than having sex. Sometimes making out means having sex, but I don’t think this is the usual meaning.

I should also note there is some confusion in translating “kiss” from English to Korean.

In American English, “kiss” generally means “뽀뽀” (a casual peck) such as:

Many Americans kiss their children before they go to sleep each night.

When Koreans hear the English word “kiss” they think of what we call in English “French kissing” or “deep kissing.” Actually, in English we usually just refer to this as “making out”:

They were making out in the living room when his parents came home!

Did you make out with your girlfriend yet?