Sorry for the delay in updating this blog. I just finished giving midterm exams last week. Ok, so back to English…

I’ve noticed that many Koreans use “almost” incorrectly, such as:

Almost people like chocolate. (WRONG!)

“Almost” does NOT mean “All+most” as in an even greater number than most. The correct expression is “almost everyone” or sometimes “almost all” such as:

Most people like chocolate. –> Almost everyone likes chocolate. (stronger meaning than “most”)

Most birds can fly. –> Almost all birds can fly. (stronger meaning than “most”)

The correct meaning of almost is “very nearly but not exactly or entirely” as in:

I almost failed the test. (The exam was very difficult and I got a low score.)

We almost missed the bus. (We got on the bus just before it left.)

He almost won the race. (The race was very close, but he didn’t win.)