I just wanted to let you all know my new favorite idiom. I’ve been seeing it more frequently lately. It is usually used in the context of sports or politics.

First, for all you non-Westerners out there, Kool-Aid is a sugary drink which comes in a variety of flavors.

The idiom, “drink the Kool-Aid,” means to follow an idea or philosophy zealously without thinking about it.

The new basketball coach quickly had his players drinking the Kool-Aid that his ideas would help them win the championship. (All the players believed his ideas.)

Our professor promised a new, easy way to learn English, but none of his students was drinking the Kool-Aid. (The students didn’t believe the professor had a new way to learn.)

To see more examples of this phrase in use, you can go to Google News and type in “drink Kool-Aid“. Most of the results will actually be about Kool-Aid (not the idiom), but you will also find some examples of the phrase as an idiom.

Finally, here’s one more link to add to your reference list: Wordspy. This website keeps track of new phrases and idioms which are being added to the language and are probably not in the dictionary yet!