There are several phrasal verbs/ idioms in English that begin with “As it _______”

The phrase as it happens has 2 different meanings:

1) Sometimes this phrase is short for “as soon as it happens.” It means immediately or as soon as possible.

The government must keep up on the news as it happens.

You can find out the score of the soccer game on the internet as it happens.

2) Another meaning of this phrase is coincidentally, or conveniently, or as the situation is right now. This meaning is used when you have new information related to what is being talked about.

Does anyone have a lighter? As it happens, I have one here in my pocket.

Have you heard of Mr. Smith? As it happens, he is my neighbor.

My tooth hurts.  I should go to the dentist, but as it happens, I don’t have dental insurance.

As I said earlier, there are other phrases that begin with, “As it _______”. I will talk about as it turns out and as it stands in a later post.