I wrote about As it happens last week. Today, I want to explain As it stands and As it turns out.

As it stands has a similar meaning to as it happens. It means as the situation is right now. Unlike As it happens, it can not be used to mean coincidentally or convenientlyAs it stands is usually used when talking about the limitations of the current situation.

As it stands, we are unable to finish the project. (CORRECT)

I cut my finger, does anyone have a bandage?  As it stands, I have one in my purse. (WRONG! – you should use, As it happens in this sentence.)

As it stands, we can not afford to hire another secretary.

As it stands, only 3 people have responded to my invitation.

As it turns out is used to talk about a change in a situation after new information becomes available.  It is usually used to talk about an unexpected result.

I brought my umbrella with me on the trip.  As it turns out, I didn’t need it.  It never rained.

I was very nervous for my interview.  As it turns out, my interviewer was an old friend from high school.

My neighbor doesn’t like dogs.  As it turns out, he was bitten when he was a child.