This is translated directly from Korean: “매운 음식을 잘 먹어요”

The grammar is correct. The problem is we don’t say this in English. It sounds very strange. In English we would say, “Do you like to eat spicy food?” or “Can you eat a lot of spicy food?”

To answer the question, you could say, “Yes, I like to eat spicy food.” or “Yes, I can eat a lot of spicy food.”

To answer “no” you might say, “No, I can’t handle spicy food.” or “No, spicy food doesn’t agree with me.”

When used in this way, handle means to endure a situation or circumstance. It is usually used negatively, with “not.”

He couldn’t handle the roller coaster. It made him sick.

You can’t handle truth.

The idiom “not agree with” is used with food. It means that the food makes you sick or nauseous. It is only used negatively, with “not.”

The fish I ate last night didn’t agree with me. I was up all night.

This restaurant’s chili doesn’t agree with me. It always gives me diarrhea.