I’ve been away quite a while… I got swallowed up at the end of the semester, was home for a few weeks, and just finished an English camp here on campus. The kids are fun, but I’m glad I teach university students 🙂

Now, for a new entry based on a comment from my about page. (If you are reading this blog and have a question, please leave a comment or send an email. I’ll do my best to answer it.)

When “at large” is used together it has a special meaning. It is often used to talk about criminals or wild animals that are out in the public and not caught:

The criminals who robbed the bank remain at large. (They haven’t been caught yet.)

The tiger that escaped from the zoo is still at large.

It is often used with the verb “remain” or the adverb “still”. If a person or animal is at large, people are trying to catch them.

“At large” can also have a different meaning. When “at large” is used after a title or position it means “among the people” or “not limited to a specific area or district”.

  • A “reporter at large” is a reporter that travels around and reports from “among the people”. They do not have a certain story that they have to report about.
  • An “ambassador at large” does not work at 1 country, but instead deals with 1 problem.
  • A “delegate at large” is elected from people of an entire state or area – as opposed to smaller districts

Finally, when “at large” is used after a group of people, it means “in general”

The people at large did not trust the new government.

Many students don’t know about the world at large.

Any more questions? Please let me know.